William Mackay Roofing Before & After Photos

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Porch Roof Replacement

Here we replaced a worn out porch roof on Crittenden St. NE in Washington, DC with a new granulated roofing system.

Flat Roof Patch and Coat

We coated this roof on Chillum Place NE in Washington, DC with asphalt aluminum roof coating after patching and sealing all of the seams, pipes, vents, and flashing.

Patch and Coat

Here is another example on L. St. NE in Washington, DC where we patched and sealed all seams, vents, and pipes before applying an asphalt aluminum based roof coating. Simple but effective!

Roof Replacement

You can see here on this roof in the NW area of Washington, DC, how we stripped the roof down to the wood decking so we could replace any sheets that were damaged and then proceded to install a proper layer of insulation before applying a white granulated rubber roofing system.

Reseal Box Gutter

We resealed this built-in box gutter on Q Street NE in the Washington DC area. This is an example of the more simple, yet effective type of work that we do. 

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